Types of Female Sexual Disorders

All health issues related to a woman are covered under a term known as vulvar health. Female sexual health includes feminine hygiene, vaginal hygiene, menstruation, changes which take place in women’s vulvas from menarche to menopause.

Sexual health https://www.zootster.com/vigrx-plus-uk-ireland/ is related to the proper health care of a women’s vulva. Vulva is more commonly referred to as “vagina” which is only a part of the vulva.

The sexual diseases associated with a woman are:

    • Dysesthetic vulvodynia
    • Vulvar vestibulitis
    • Vulvodynia-chronic
  • Discomfort in the vulva

Diseases and Lesions:

Syphilis: Painless sores are experienced in the vulvovaginal area by females who suffer from syphilis. Primary – firm ulcer with granular base with well formed edges which are red and round. Secondary – mucus lesions which are moist and resemble herpes.

HSV: Symptoms which arise in females suffering from HSV are: pain, itching, vaginal discharge, sores on labia, anus, thighs, perineum, dyspareunia, ulcers, vesicles, and pustules.

Condyloma Acuminata: Symptoms are: last pap, generalized pruritus and itching.

Bartholin’s gland infection: Women who suffer from this infection report unilateral bump.

Contact dermatitis: The vulva with condition is red, inflamed, and edematous along with increased itching.

Lichen Sclerosus: itching, edema, familial linkage, superficial ulcers and burning are symptoms which are reported along with symptoms in the prepuce, clitoris, labial majora, scarring, color, edema and appearance of tissue paper of skin.

The other areas of concern in regard to female sexual health are: lichen planus, vulvar neoplasm – melanoma, vulvodynia or pain syndrome and vulvar vestibulitis.

Female sexual health needs proper care and attention. You should consult your health care professional under all circumstances.